School Environmental Activities

EcoLocal Schools Environmental Activities


We help bring environmental issues to life for children. Now in our 7th year, EcoLocal’s Environmental Schools Activities offer a wide range of fun, interactive educational activities for Primary Schools. Delivered by EcoLocal’s experienced tutors, these activities add value to the curriculum throughout the year and are perfect for health, science, geography weeks and more!These [...]

Free support to start or redesign your school’s garden?


We can offer free support for schools that are based in the London Borough of Sutton and Epsom and Ewell. This support can include: designing a new school wildlife area rejuvenation of  an old school garden creating sensory gardens sourcing materials advice on what to plant & when to plant ideas to get the whole school [...]

Christmas Activities

Seasonal activities from EcoLocal Schools EcoLocal are offering a range of Christmas Activities that give your children lots of fun, showing that you can enjoy Christmas and still help the environment.  Sessions include education about reducing waste, re-using and recycling as well as saving energy.  We’ve even got an activity to help look after the [...]

£20 Special Offer

alt squirrels

Our Offer: Schools booking 3 or more of the same sessions at one time qualify for a limited offer of £20 off the annual membership fee for Squirrels Community Scrap Scheme (see below).  This is a limited offer made by EcoLocal and is available on a first come first served basis only.  If you would like to apply for [...]

Healthy Eating Course (Year 6 +)


  1 hour (Year 6) This 5 week course is aimed at Year 6 students and for older students, who are academically challenged of have learning disabilities.  The course offers entry level AQA qualifications covering learning about a healthy balanced diet, food labelling, 5 a day, food nutrition and energy, carrying out a food diary, making [...]

Enquiries and Prices

Enquiries Please do get in touch if you have any questions. You can: a) Enquire online here using our easy to complete form b) e-mail .  If possible, please give details of the: type and number of sessions you are interested in potential dates your contact name and number the name of your school / [...]

Giant Food Race (Key Stage 1 and 2)


1 hour (for Reception to Year 4) A fun session of relay races with giant foam food shapes to find out about why our bodies need energy and how to eat healthily.

WoW You’re Healthy (Key Stage 2)


1.5 Hours (for Year 3 to Year 6) Find out how walking to school makes your heart healthy. Take part in the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” style quiz and have a go at making questions of your own. Measure your heart rate and have a go at the pedal-powered iPods to see how [...]

Taste Bud Challenge (Key Stage 1 and 2)


1 Hour (for Year 1 to Year 6) Take the taste bud challenge!  Teams compete to try as many different foods as possible and guess what they are?

Expand Your Lungs (Key Stage 2)


1.5 Hours (for Year 3 to Year 6) Learn about air pollution and how it affects your lungs.  Measure your lung capacity and have a go at powering out pedal powered DVD on air pollution, plus more fun activities …