School Environmental Activities

Climate Change

Our climate change lessons involve students in lessons to understand the impact of climate change, not only on a global scale but in their own community and discover how small changes make a big difference.

Climate Challenge: Cut Your Carbon (Key Stage 1 and 2)


1 Hour (for Year 2 to Year 6)

What is climate change?  Find out about its causes, effects and how walking to school can help.  Blow up a balloon of CO2 using our pedal powered car engine and use the Crazy Climate facts to make a climate change poster to put up in school (KS2 only).

Climate Challenge: Energy (Key Stage 2)


1 hour   (Year 3  – Year 6)

How much energy do we use at home?  How much energy can we save at home?  Take the Climate Ambassadors Energy challenge and find out what you can do to save energy and help stop climate change.  Then take the Climate Ambassadors Energy Pledge to do your bit.

Climate Challenge: Travel (Key Stage 2)


1 hour  (Year 3  – Year 6)

How often do you use a car?  Using our giant maps of Sutton and walking/cycling circles, see if you can cut your car use and help stop Climate Change by changing just one of the local journeys you regularly make.  Make a travel tree to monitor your progress and take the Climate Ambassadors Travel Pledge.

Climate Challenge: Food Miles (Key Stage 1 and 2)

1 hour (Year 2 – Year 6)

Where does food come from?  Find out how far your food travels and how you can cut your food miles to help Climate Change.  Plan a tasty low food miles meal and take the Climate Ambassadors Food Miles Pledge.